Our home care services can adjust to the type of care you want.

caregiver hugging an elderly womanWe understand that there’s no other place like home to spend old age. Same through with people who are facing limitations from disabilities, home, with the presence of supportive family members, is the best place for them to stay while recuperating or receiving continuity of care. That’s why we provide solutions to address our clients’ unique needs by helping them and their family draft and implement a care plan suited to their specific needs.

Our services include the following:

Who Provides the Care?

MN Staffing is manned and managed by a team of seasoned medical personnel who use their skill and psychological knowledge in the selection of caregivers and nurses after a careful screening by CJI. We scrutinize our selection to make sure our caregivers are reliable and dependable to ensure a safe therapeutic environment for your loved ones. Our caregivers are also supervised round-the-clock by skilled professional.

Why Should You Deal with Us?

  • We follow a holistic approach to care.
  • We put our patients / clients first.
  • We will work hand in glove with your family to prepare your plan of care.
  • We provide care 24/7.
  • Our rates are within reach.
  • None of your needs is insignificant.
  • Our nurses provide frequent visits.
  • Our billing process is simple.

Please feel comfortable in reaching our friendly care representatives so we can start extending quality care to your home.